Thanks to Steve Job’s Vision which changed the entire face of world. Application has taken a next shift in the market and has been the most booming way to launch a business.

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We are a roof full of app developers! Some real talent has been acquired already by Gusani Tech Ideation.

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Tell us to do anything in Android! And we shall get it done. Hands down!

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We design and develope app for iWatch and Android wearable devices to give an extra mile to your product

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Yes! We do... we already have a signed NDA format to make sure we assure the confidentiality of your project idea.

Yes! You do own the entire source code of the project and other graphic resource of the project however, we shall surely make use of graphic resources which were rejected by you for your project.

2017 is blessed with so so so many platforms to communicate... we wonder there can be an app to talk to god too :D..  we prefer skype mainly to talk/chat and Basecamp to update the project tasks and todos. However, we can also use Whatsapp / IMO or other legit and preferred chat app to communicate.


Hire Dedicated App Developer

A Developer who can take care of the entire project, or a part of it at a very affordable cost and with assured quality, why wouldn’t you hire one?

We can get a Dedicated Developer for your project.

Who would work :

5 working days a week

4 weeks a month

160 hours a month

And, also we shall give you a project manager at no cost to manage your project tasks and every responsibility on behalf of you.

The best way to get started with the project is to get the project discussion started, and now is the best time to talk business!

Our Working Process in 3 stages!

Our focus has been in evolving process to make it as perfect as possible, so that we can achieve successful project completion along with quality. Our process is of 9 important steps, divided into 3 major stages.

More about process +


Project Execution

Test & Launch

NOW is the best time to act on your project. So let’s discuss the business and let’s figure out the best ways to get the project done successfully!.