Our army of knights in not-so-shining armours.

Because our team is one of the best in the country, please judge us by our work sense and not our dressing sense.

Mihir Saraiya

CFO / Co-Founder

A passionate money manager who knows the magic skills to double every business benefit. Mihir got on board in 2016 at the reboot stage to change the game plan and double the growth. He is like our company’s live ATM machine.

Tejas Gusani

CEO / Founder / Project Director

Founded Gusani Tech Ideation in a small corner of his bedroom, on 2nd Feb, 2010 with a vision to make the best IT company that designs and develops innovative products that bridge the gap between business and their customers in which he has also succeeded big time. Tejas is the fun task master.

Dhaval Shah

CFO / Co-Founder / Operations

A trend alerter, Dhaval keeps a constant track of multiple businesses, projects and funds and makes sure the company as its people are always up to date with their skills and technologies. You are our man Dhaval!

Vishal Patel

Digital Marketer

With an amazing sense of understanding and executing digital marketing projects,he adds a much needed zing of energy, be it a client campaigns or ones for the company. Keep rocking Vishal!

Devika Panchasara

Sr. Business Consultant

She is the eyes and ears for our team members as she is responsible for coordinating and understanding the client’s requirements. Infact, she plays a crucial role in mapping how the final product will turn out to be and also makes the bestanalytical scope documents which smoothens the project execution at every level. Ah, what would we do without you Devika!

Krunal Dodiya

Data Hunter

The youngest member on board and the most entertaining one ever. He does best at hunting the right data for sales and marketing which is a very strategically challenging task for any organisation.Krunal, our young hunting blood.

Harsh Patel

PHP Developer

Harsh is what a typical geek looks and works like. Surrounded by his system and codes, he is one of the developers extremely passionate about his work. His work speaks way louder than his words.

These bunch of people are the best in trade and will put in all they have got to make sure that every client at Gusani Tech Ideationis 100% satisfied with the best standards of work and affordability.websites, applications, Saas Projects and any conceptual start up that needs to stand out.

By far, they have accomplished 425 + projects successfully and have developed 3 successfulwhite labeled, niche products with one being under development as you read.