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I can say that they are very professional, keep to targets and are more than happy to help anytime. I have no reservations and would recommend them to anyone. I am in the process of starting a little tech startup which I don’t want to divert upon at this moment but what I can say is their professionalism is second to none. You can get more details from TejasGusani or anyone at the team there.
First of all thanks very much for such a fantastic job in creating website for London Heathrow airport transfers. The day spoke to Mr.Gusani, he was very clear for what their company can do,and they delivered the website with all the required features. The result is that they delivered what we expected from Gusani Tech Ideation. The benefits with Gusani Tech Ideation are the people so friendly and also they hardly say no to any thing and try their best to get things done. We got the nice website with all the relevant feature and though we went over the time with final project delivery but it was worth waiting. I have already recommended one person for GusaniTech Ideation and definitely recommend others. I know my business in transportation industry and they have done a fantastic job for me.


LHA Transfers

Mr. Abdellah Habbach

Mass Taxi services
Gusani Tech Ideation is #1 company to work with .trust .time . customer service .satisfaction .you will not be disappointed to use this company for you business thank youwe tried other company's no one worked after searching for a web designer and software dispatch and booking app we end up in the right place you cab manager is your solution for your business .price .fast .customer service they are the best thank you